5 Tips for Generating Web Traffic


As a website owner and SEO specialist, there are hundreds (or even thousands) of tips and tricks on getting more traffic to your website.

Most of these tips can be very effective if they come from other SEO specialists, but the problem is that not all of these helpful ideas can be applied to all types of businesses, especially to those website owners who are just starting their race against the world of internet marketing.

In this industry, having a great foundation is a big advantage in acquiring not only viewers but also profits. The question is, what about those new members of the online business? How can they go along the flow of money making in the river of World Wide Web if there are more competitors who are more experienced, more aggressive and more advanced?
Worry no more for those greenhorns out there! These 5 great tips can help you get the initial traffic that you want to build up a momentum, powerful enough to get you in the spotlight for internet marketing.

Observe Other Niche Competitors

Before you take on that newbie leap, learn to lie down and observe everything. One great advantage of being new in the field is that you can analyze which advertising tricks can work for you and which are those who will only drag you down.

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Just like the saying “know your enemy,” you need study their campaigns and services in order to come up with a different system to counter it. Once you got the ups from their downs, you have better chances of out-besting them.

Get Everything Prepared

So now you know what the ups and downs of the enemies are and you have all the “intel” needed for your battle, you need to prepare all the things that you need.

Before operating a website, you should complete all of the necessary things that a successful website requires. And remember, when we say “necessary things,” these should be the BEST options for your website.

Get your website’s construction at its “best state.” Get every essential part such as URL, the About Us page, navigation, and feedback portion that your website needs to survive. This will attract more traffic to your website. And remember, don’t just settle on “it’s-ok-if-we-start-small” attitude.

Get Your Blogs and SNS Profiles As Active As Possible

You really need to work out on your blogs and social networking site profiles (and maybe get another buddy to help you on this part). A vague website will have a lot of inactive social networking site profiles and blogs, wasting too much time, effort, and chances of gaining more and more traffic.

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For blogs, make the most amazing articles that would change the game of internet marketing. Get your SNS profiles rocking with the latest updates from promos and products that will be released as time goes.

Remember that these two big fish of campaign strategies can really make or break your business. Maximize the potential of blogs and SNS profiles and traffic would be swarming your website.

Use Trends To Your Advantage

Trends can be used as an advantage in your campaigns. Now, this part could be worked out with two people: one marketing specialist (this could be you) and one young and fresh-minded internet user.

Get brainstorming and work out which trends can you use in promoting your website. The young and fresh-minded internet user could point out the latest trends that are happening on the internet and you, as a marketing specialist, could apply that trend to your website’s campaign.

This combination of brains and brute, er- youth, can make any new website shine on a small time span.

Use Offline Advertising

An online business isn’t limited to online advertising. You can use the “real world” as your advantage. Little by little, you can advertise with the use of business cards, which you can give to those potential customers out there. You can try out flyers to technology conventions. You can also ask friends to spread the news about your new website. An advantage of offline advertising is that it’s cheaper, plus you have more resources compared to online advertising.

SEO is Still a Must

SEO means everything on acquiring traffic. Get your content at its best peak with the proper article construction, user-friendly interface and great navigation. At short amount of time, Google will appreciate your efforts as a new website owner and give you amounts of reward in return.

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Treat Your First Batch of Customers Like Gems

Initial reaction of customers will be your “foundation” as your website grows. Give them the best products with the best services that you can offer.

You may not know it, but investing on good customer reputation is one of the best ways to earn more traffic and sales. Give them respect; once you get criticisms from your customers, don’t limp down and use those criticisms as a report on what your website looks like to them. Once your initial customers enjoyed your brand, get their feedback and post it on your website. A positive feedback reflects great service which people love.

The war between online businesses is very hard to compete with. Without any knowledge, your business can be shut down without you knowing it. Be prepared on your battle and give anything that you got in order to succeed with internet marketing.

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