5 Staff Members Every New Web Owner Needs


Build Up Your A-Team To Get Better Traffic Results

Building up a newly born website is very hard, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to work alone. Getting that website to be popular enough to generate traffic is a tremendous task that is complicated to work on; a single person can’t work it out alone.

That is why in order to get more traffic for your website, you need a great crew to work with it. A great website can’t be a reality without an A-team behind it. Of course, there is no “I” in the word TEAM, or COOPERATION. As a newbie internet marketer, you initially need a great team to give your website a boost in gathering traffic.

So no more waiting! Grab a pen and paper, call your friends and possible teammates to study this list of staff members every new website owner needs:

1. Marketing Specialist

This person will be one of the heads in your business. They should have the knowledge to predict possible outcomes of the projects and campaigns that you will use. They should also have a sense of what your customers’ wants and needs are.

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As the direct link between your company’s campaigns and the consumers, this person should be keeping an eye on consumers’ actions, especially after you make adjustments to your brand.

When you have a great marketing strategy, more and more people will be enticed on your website.

2. Web Designer

This person should be talented with HTML, Java Script and other programming tools. As the creator of your webpage, the web deisgner should be able to establish a great connection between the website itself and the viewers by creating a user-friendly website.

A great web designer should understand what customers want when they visit your website. As a web designer, they will become the plastic surgeon of your website, adjusting its appearance depending on the flow of viewers’ demand. The more viewers who are pleased with your website, the greater chances your website will generate more traffic.

3. Content Writer

Also known as a content creator, this person should know how to write like a human and write for the humans as well. He or she should also make a connection to viewers by combining useful words and sentences to form a great content. This person should also master the way of keywording. A content writer without keywording prowess will be useless in the world of online marketing.

4. SEO Specialist

The true-blue SEO worker in the team. This person should be able to track down the algorithm of search engines and make contents that these algorithms love.

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Just like what the content writer does, SEO specialists are have “special” views when it comes to web contents. SEO specialists should also be able to figure out what things and aspects your website is lacking in order to keep your ranking on the top. And remember, a good ranking website means good amounts of traffic.

5. Young “Trend Tracker”

This position can go together with the marketing specialist; this person should know a lot of what is happening on the internet.
From the latest trending videos on YouTube to the latest pictures on Instagram and topics on Twitter, this person should know it all. Trend trackers should be able to incorporate trends into your product for it to be known worldwide.

So, there you have your website A-Team. When these abilities are combined, it will make your website more functional and enticing. This will attract more and more traffic even to those websites who are just starting.
So for those new web owners out there, don’t worry. Construct your team now and let your website rise above the rest!

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