How To Keep Your Customers Using Subscriptions


One good way to keep a customer is to make them happy via a subscription. This no-brainer tip is a basic necessity to business, especially to those has subscriptions included in their itinerary. From monthly magazine deliveries to house to house freebies, more and more business owners have used different strategies to cope up with the competition of subscription.

When a customer subscribes to your business, it’s like a prayer answered. It means that  the customer is one step closer to being one lifetime source of profit. But little do we know that keeping a customer on subscribing to your business is as hard as getting the exact value of Pi. One must have the proper equation in order to get a customer to keep coming back for more.

So how can you keep your customers to hang on their seat? Here are some tips for you.

1. Give Almost Everything You’ve Got

You got to please the customers in every way possible so he or she wouldn’t unsubscribe. Smother them with freebies together with the annual product or services that you deliver to them.

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Why not add a little goody bag along the way? Add a free chew toy together with the bag of dog food you deliver. Why not include a tea cup together with the instant coffee they are ordering.

Including additional gifts for your subscribers will leave a message saying that, you as a brand want customers feel the gratitude for subscribing to your products.

2. Be Unique

Don’t settle on the traditional way of delivering items. Use your imagination and tickle the minds of the customers.

Instead of putting things into big plain plastic bags or boxes, why not put it in a customized container? Get your clothes delivered using a T-shirt-shaped box or wrapper. Put your subscription papers inside easy-open bottles to give a message-in-a-bottle feel.

By doing this, customers will not only enjoy your items and services more; they would also wait for what shenanigans are you cooking up next with your deliveries.

3. Be Mindful of Your Competitors

One tiny bit of detail that some business owners usually forgot is to monitor their competitors. They think that by focusing more on the products and services that they deliver, they’ll be getting better results. Nope, it’s not it.

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By comparing what the competitors have and what you don’t have and vice versa, you are analyzing what more features can you add to make your brand better. This will also help you identify which aspects you should improve more so that more and more people would subscribe to your brand.

4. Get the Subscribers’ Feedback

Another great way to keep subscribers is by featuring other subscriber’s insight of your brand. Ensure the subscription of those customers by telling them what other customers think and feel about your brand. Positive feedback will help your customers to feel the assurance that just like what the feedback tells. They would also get the best products and services that they can have with your subscription.

5. Referral Bonuses

This is one smart tip to not only keep subscribers, but also to generate more subscribers. Give referral bonuses for those subscribers who can refer other customers to subscribe to your brand. Give more discounts base on the number of referrals a subscriber has made. Or if ever possible, give more goodies to those referrers who helped you get more subscribers.

Subscribers can be classified as one of your great assets on the early stages of your business. Don’t ever let them go and give the best of what you got for them.

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