4 Ways to Maintain Your Web Traffic


Okay, so now you have a steady flow of website traffic on your newly built website and people have started talking about you. Your traffic builds as more and more unique visitors swarm your website. 

But then, you see 10,000 of your traffic slowly disappear. From 10,000 to 7,000 to 5,000 then down to 100. You started panicking and then you don’t even know what to do.

Before that happens to you, you need to understand how a web owner should maintain web traffic.

Maintaining traffic on your website requires a lot of time and effort. This will come a bit easier for those who have been in the industry for a while since they understand the ups and downs of traffic.

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But since there are a lot of first timers out there, the tips below should help you keep and maintain your traffic long enough to build up more customers!

Always Leave Your Visitors Itching for More

One good way to keep those viewers coming back is to give them sneak peeks and spoilers from your brand.

This will not only get them to wait on your website, but it will also entice them to actually try something new, such as your products.

If you don’t have anything to add on your services, try adding another feature to your website. Why not give vistors teasers about your newest active chat box for continuous conversations? A little bit of brainstorming and you can think of a lot of teasers to add on your website.

Do More Contests

A little competition for the viewers won’t hurt them. Competition between viewers will increase viewer engagement. Added bonus? More and more people will be checking your website for updates.

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Some examples of this kind of strategy include photography contests, most-liked/shared contests, and caption contests.

Hold Contents that Require Daily Updates

Just like with the first tip, you need to keep your viewers coming back for more. And if you are planning to put up contents on your website, be sure it’s short but sweet.

Releasing content that covers all the important points of your brand will give you less time and options to update. Instead, divide your articles into series or branches. This will not only have your viewers glued on to your website, but this will also help viewers understand your contents easily.

Do Daily Raffles for Coupons and Discounts

Entice your viewers by doing daily raffles. Prompt viewers to register their email address into your website to win daily discount coupons; in exchange you get to send them newsletters about your brand.

Well-informed traffic means better chances of them staying around and coming back.

As a new web owner, you should develop and instinct of what new viewers really want to see on your website. Just be yourself and be fresh on your ideas.

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