Meet & Greet: Jüri Kaljundi of Weekdone, Hassle-Free Employee Progress Reports

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Name: Jüri Kaljundi
Title: Co-founder
Company Name: Weekdone
Company One Liner: Hassle-free employee weekly progress reporting system
Location: Estonia and USA

Tell us about yourself and your background.

I prefer to introduce myself as a product guy with tech background and sales and marketing management experience.

I am an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Weekdone, a weekly employee reporting service. My background has always been tied with different start-ups and entrepreneurial activity. I have been involved in various IT-service firms because I love early stage technology and internet business.

I honestly do not remember the last day when I worked in a big company with hundreds of employees. The thrill of starting a new successful venture is just great.

What does your company do and what problem does it solve for businesses?

rsz_weekdone-logo-1Weekdone is a tool for managers and leaders who want more insights into their teams and organizations. It is a weekly status reporting tool that helps leaders monitor their teams, including their achievements, current tasks, and challenges.

Weekdone solves one crucial problem that every business has encountered–a lack of communication.

As organizations and teams grow, the gap between the employees and managers increases. Managers do not have enough time to monitor their teams and employees feel that they are not heard. By using Weekdone, a manager can easily know what´s happening, who needs guidance, and who needs a tap on the back.

weekdone-m-1 - Copy

How did you come up with the idea for your company?

For years, consumers have been able to get access to thousands of simple visually addictive apps that help get things done.

The same does not apply to businesses. Many managers still rely on annoying emails and lengthy documents to learn what their team has achieved and what each employees´ contribution have been. Well, this is time consuming and does not give a good overview.

That is where we spotted an opportunity to help employees and managers achieve more by doing less and to bring this actionable visual tools to team management.

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Weekdone is based on popular management methods such as PPP and OKR (Plans, Progress, Problems and Objectives & Key Results). The process is really simple: employees fill their reports by adding items they plan to do in the next five days and move done items to progress, they report about challenges they face and rate their satisfaction.

Taking all the information together, week by week, Weekdone automatically compiles a progress report that among other items shows also employee happiness and satisfaction, task completion ratio, overdue items and problem areas.

What makes your company different from your competitors?

Weekdone’s ease-of-use and informative visual team score dashboards.

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We have learned that the time-starved executives do not have time to learn yet another app. Therefore, we have minimized the confusion points and made it easy and adjustable. Though our clients often suggest new features to us, and we are truly happy to have such ideas, we always think about the usage first. When a new feature makes the whole product less understandable, we have to ditch it.

Another aspect is the visually addictive dashboard that gives a pretty nice overview of the team. The information contained on the team scoreboard also includes one line summary for every employee on how they are doing. It rates the company and the team on 100-point scale. This provides the manager urgent data and prompts action when a score suddenly drops.

What are the most important considerations businesses should have when choosing technology to help them power their business?

I always recommend choosing the technology that helps you save time rather than spend it. Nowadays, there is an app for everything, which makes it difficult to find the tool that truly satisfies your business needs. Often, you start using a product, spend time learning it and then just make it work for your organization.

The fear of having to know how to use yet another tool keeps people from switching products.

What other companies or entrepreneurs within the technology space do you admire and think businesses should know about?
We love Apple for building products that are simple to use and intuitive to users.

Pipedrive, the CRM and sales pipeline management tool we use internally is another example of something that’s visual and easy to use, unlike some old-fashioned legacy market leaders. Sales people all across the world love Pipedrive we’ve heard. Good example of innovation in an existing field.

And without naming any names, I love the discipline of product management and people behind that. I love design and development, but product management is what ties it all together. Product managers are often the ones who make a difference between good and great.

 Anything else Firmology readers and business owners should know? News? Upcoming features? Special deals?

We just launched our Android app, which is exciting news to all of our existing customers and new ones. Guided by our experience with iOS users, we can now say that a lot of reporting and team monitoring will be moving into mobile devices. This takes the pain out of the reporting for the employees and provides a good chance for the manager to check up on the team whenever needed.

As always, there are many future plans for the Weekdone team, more ideas than is possible to execute. But in the next few months we will further improve team communication by providing new features and even more straightforward manager’s overview of team status via customizable dashboards.

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About The Author

Jüri Kaljundi is a Co-Founder of Weekdone, a weekly reports team management & leadership tool. He’s also a Co-Founder of Garage48, a startup foundation.