Using Google+ To Increase Sales in Your Small Business

With more users than Twitter, and over 540 million in total, Google Plus has emerged as a social media juggernaut. Its linkage to other Google features and uniquely customizable functions, such as video hangouts and contact segmentation (circles), have attracted users from a wide array of social groups and commercial sectors.

Small businesses have been particularly instrumental in Google Plus’s rise. Their owners have, in droves, discovered the network’s immense value in creating engaged brand communities and improving sales. Google Plus offers small business owners an intuitive, customer-interactive interface that allows for instant content and promotional posting, real time conversations between consumers and business personnel, and a clear route to their mother sites. These provisions aid in cultivating devoted customer followings and, subsequently, increased conversions, making Google Plus’s appeal for small business owners readily apparent.

The efficacy of Google Plus pages for small business in driving leads and conversions is not the sole result of customer engagement. Google search rankings for enterprises are likewise improved by vibrant Google Plus pages, which are an outgrowth of successful customer engagement. Dynamic activity among employees and consumers on a Google Plus business page signifies brand relevance, which bolsters Google search rankings and increases both traffic and sales.

The illustration below expands on (and adds to) the above-detailed benefits of Google Plus for small business owners. It explains how a fledgling enterprise can become a household name by leveraging Google Plus’s impressive features into increased brand engagement, search ranking improvement, and augmented sales.

Using-Google--to-Get-Customers-into-Your-Small-Business (1)


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Mark Cerminaro is Chief Revenue Officer at RapidAdvance, a leader in alternative financing. Mark has spent his career advising business owners on investments and helping them access the capital they need to grow. Connect with Mark on Google+ and Twitter.