Top 10 Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur



How important is passion in your every day life as an entrepreneur? Crucial!

Think of your day to day life and the people that you most enjoy being around…or those to whom you are drawn to. More often than not, the people you are drawn to have a passion for life are engaging, always seem to make the most out of any circumstance they are in, and just plain enjoy life.

We are drawn to these people because they seem to boost our energy just by being near them, unlike the rain clouds we try so hard to avoid.

As an entrepreneur, this type of energy is essential in your work. Be passionate about your work and you will love what you do. If you are in need of further enlightenment on this subject check out Steve Adams book ‘The Passionate Entrepreneur’.

On Time 100% of the Time

Business meetings, potential clients, vendors, etc. are all competing for your time. Be sure that you allow yourself plenty of time in your hectic schedule to arrive promptly on time for each and every single item on your agenda.

Many professionals these days won’t even consider doing business with anyone who is late to a meeting. Why? If you don’t respect their time, then you won’t be a respectful business associate in the future.

Time Management

Here we go with that time thing. The only thing in this world you can’t buy more of is time. The only thing you will never be able to get back is time.

Make a schedule for yourself and stick with it. Re-evaluate your schedule after a few days and tweak it until it works for you. Make sure to schedule in family and personal time to avoid burnout and exhaustion.

Know Your Limits

In those moments when we are especially gung-ho about our latest business plan or in scoring that next client, we tend to over-promising to accomplish X,Y, and Z.

In the end, we wind up over-extending ourselves, exhausted, and not enjoying what we once thought we were so passionate about. Know your limits and stick to them. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks that others are capable of doing. Set time-limits and boundaries up-front with yourself and others.

Stay Organized

How well do you work when your work space looks like a tornado just went through it?

Keeping your work space organized as well as your daily planner allows you to work more efficiently and effectively. If you have clients, vendors, etc. that visit your work space, it is even more crucial that you have an organized space as it will reflect on you and your business.

Manage Your Money Wisely

It is every bit as critical to manage your finances wisely as an entrepreneur as it is to come up with a knock-your-socks-off-business-proposal. Why? Without properly managing your expenses with your income you could wind up broke, even if you are bringing in a profit. If finances are not your forte, then hire a professional to manage them for you.

Create a Rock-Solid Reputation

This step takes time and commitment to your art. To build a rock-solid reputation as an entrepreneur you have to fulfill 100% of your commitments.

Creating a rock-solid reputation is no easy feat, but when you have earned it you will rewarded ten fold. Business associates, clients, and vendors all want someone they can depend on. Ultimately, a rock-solid reputation will lead to your ever growing success.

Become an Expert in Negotiating

Entrepreneurs who have mastered the art of negotiating are exponentially more successful than those who aren’t. Being a skillful negotiator doesn’t mean finagling others into giving you everything you want. No, a skillful negotiator knows how to make everyone coming out feeling like a winner of the negotiation. Make sure that you are able to contribute and not just take when negotiating or you will loose every time.

Be Personal

It may be a digital world, but people want to be treated like, well, people.

Take time to get to know your clients, your vendors, business associates, etc. It may surprise your how much more business you receive by remembering small things such as someones name. Don’t be afraid to be personal with others in the business realm. They actually really enjoy it.

Self Belief

In order to accomplish all of your entrepreneural dreams, you must first believe that you can do it. Through thick and thin, believe in yourself, what you are capable of, and the dreams you hope to achieve. The greatest of us all have had disappointments and downfalls, but never for a second did they stop believing they could achieve greatness.

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